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4' Investing in Cryptocurrency with Ty Cooper

April 05, 2021 Tech & Savvy Episode 4
Tech 'n Savvy
4' Investing in Cryptocurrency with Ty Cooper
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April and Emily interview Ty Cooper, a cryptocurrency expert and enthusiast. The trio discusses blockchain, what cryptocurrency is, how to invest in it, and more!

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***Disclaimer 1*** 
Neither Tech & Savvy nor our speakers are financial advisors. All views and statements about investing in crypto are based on our own opinion, research, and experience. We encourage our listeners to do their own research and reach out to their own financial advisors to see if investing in crypto is right for them. 

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Intro + How Ty got into Crypto
What is blockchain?
What is crypto?
How is crypto created?
How does crypto get its value?
Misconceptions about crypto
What to look at when choosing a crypto to buy
Ty’s favorite crypto projects
How and where to buy crypto
Where is crypto stored?
What can be bought with crypto?
The risks of investing in crypto
How will quantum computing affect crypto?
What’s the next wave after Bitcoin? + NFT’s
Ty’s Decentralized Stock Exchange project + Outro